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People and Departments

Fukui Compulsory Education and Senior High School Education Divisions

The majority of Fukui JETs are hired by the prefecture (ken), and therefore are referred to as “ken ALTs”. Ken ALTs are administered by the Fukui Compulsory Education and Senior High Education Divisions. These are departments within the Fukui Board of Education. The Fukui BoE is the ken ALTs' host institution and Contracting Organization. It can be found on the 11th floor of the Kencho (prefectural government building, located in the center of Fukui City). Below are listed the three members of the BoE with whom ken ALTs will come into regular contact with.

Mr. Zachary Everson- Kencho ALT (Compulsory and Senior High School Education Division)
The Kencho ALT serves as a liaison between the Fukui Board of Education and individual ALTs. As an administrator at the Kencho and advisor for both the Kencho and ken ALTs, Zachary can usually address all issues at hand. However, all administrative final decisions are made by the Prefectural BoE, the principal and head of department of each school. Thus it is important to remember that even though Zachary can update, advise and support you during administrative matters he does not make final decisions about these matters. The Kencho ALT is also one of the three Prefectural Advisors.

Mr. Toshihiro Ogata - Junior High School English Teachers' Consultant (Compulsory Education Division)
This is one of the primary administrators of the JET progamme in Fukui prefecture. Most junior high school and elementary JET related matters go through him.

Mr. Takemoto - Senior High School English Teachers' Consultant (Senior High School Division)
He works with the JHS consultant as the other primary administrator and advises on Senior High School and other JET related matters.

The International Policy Division
The IAD is the local representative of CLAIR, located on the 4th floor of the Kencho in Fukui City. The International Affairs Division is responsible for the JET Programme within Fukui Prefecture, events and programs concerning foreigners and local citizens, the promotion of Fukui internationally, and the development of international activities in the prefecture.

Mr. Jeffrey Guarneri- American Kencho CIR (from August 1st 2010 up until July 30th 2010), Ms. Jin Li (April 2010 to March 2011)- Chinese Kencho CIR
The CIRs are contracted by the International Affairs Division. They also work at the Fukui International Association (FIA). They are mainly responsible for translating documents, interpreting for foreign visitors, interacting with patrons at the FIA, and promoting internationalization. The American CIR, Jeff, is also one of the three Prefectural Advisors.

Ms. Kato - Fukui JET Programme Coordinator and CLAIR Liaison
The CLAIR coordinator for the JET Programme in Fukui is the member of the International Affairs Division directly responsible for the JET Programme. Among this person's many other duties, she attends the orientation sessions in Tokyo and in Fukui City and is available throughout the year for any JET related inquiries. She is one of the three Prefectural Advisors and serves as the cho- / shi- ALT and CIR advisor.

Prefectural Advisors

The three Prefectural Advisors are the Kencho ALT(Zach), the Kencho CIR(Jeff), and the member of the International Affairs Division in charge of the JET Programme(Ms. Kato). Please contact any of your Prefectural Advisors whenever you want to talk confidentially about a personal issue or about something going on in your workplace, whenever you need some information regarding the JET programme or about life in Japan in general; or if you're simply feeling homesick and would like a sympathetic ear. In a word, feel free to call about anything! Your Prefectural Advisors are here to help you.

Please note that ANY sort of JET participant—cho ALT, ken ALT, or CIR—can contact ANY of the three Prefectural Advisors. By way of illustration: The Kencho-ALT's duties are entirely separate from his duties as a Prefectural Advisor; therefore, a Cho-ALT should feel free to contact him. Conversely, Ken-ALTs are not required to turn to the Kencho ALT if they have a personal issue, but can also contact either of the other two PAs.